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Meet Jenna Horowitz

jennaOpen Access for All is the brainchild of Jenna Horowitz. Jenna is a Canadian National who was born in Vancouver and spent her formative years there. However at the age of twelve she travelled overseas with her parents and pursued a further education, and university, in London.

Whilst Jenna studied law she is more interested in and passionate about social justice. During her law studies she was very active in student politics and started to develop an understanding of the difficulties faced by the poor, the powerless and the downtrodden in accessing the law.

After her studies concluded she returned to the country of her birth where she continued to pursue her interests in social justice. She now writes passionately about social justice issues, including the rights of the poor, the powerless and the downtrodden to access education, the law, finance and insurance and much much more.

Sadly she has never practiced law, never having quite found the time, and probably never will. She prefers to act on behalf of the people who could not afford her services were she to take up legal practice.

Currently Jenna is considering a career in politics. Only time will tell where she will end up.

Should you wish to contact Jenna you can do so here and you can also follow Jenna on Google+


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