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There Is No Access To The Law For Everyone

Access to justice depends on how much you can afford to pay

Justice for AllOne of the most basic principles of any civilised society is the rule of law. Take away the law and you have anarchy and chaos.

However one of the basic principles of the rule of law is that everyone has equal access to the law. If the law is only available to the rich, and a large proportion of the population are unable to access legal redress, then this makes a mockery of the rule of law.

Unfortunately in this country access to the courts and the law is restricted. Despite the fact that we have a legal aid system the availability of access to the courts for most people is restricted by limited funding.

There’s a new report out on access to legal aid Continue Reading →

The Injustices of Current Interest Rates

Interest rates close to zero are hurting the retired.

sad Way back in 2008 we had a financial crisis. I’m sure you remember it, for a while there was every possibility that the world would descend into recession or possibly even depression. It was a very serious financial catastrophe.

The financial crisis was caused by some of the wealthiest, most powerful and connected people in the world, the people who control the US banks. The US banks, in effect, held the world to ransom for a period of time, and it was only because of the good graces of the taxpayer that they were rescued.

The bottom line is that the principal motivation behind the actions taken by the banks over the preceding decade or so was greed. Some seriously wealthy people were attempting to use every trick in the book to increase financial returns.

It backfired, and it backfired seriously, and plenty of people hurt as a result. Continue Reading →

How Does the Canadian Healthcare System Work?

The health system isn’t perfect, but which health system is now?

healthThe health care system of Canada provides publicly funded health care to (almost) all Canadian citizens. Whilst the Canadian healthcare system is not perfect it is considerably better than some, notably the US health care system. However it could certainly be improved.

The health care system in Canada is known as “Medicare” by residents although this is not the official name. It was set up under the provisions of the Canada Health Act of 1984.

One of the difficulties in launching and maintaining the health care system in Canada is that Canada is made up of provinces, with their own separate governments, as well as a Federal government. Under the Constitution Act of 1867 it was the provinces that were responsible for establishing, maintaining and managing hospitals and other similar institutions. Continue Reading →

Access to Higher Education is a Right not a Privelege

Access to education is an issue of social justice

One of the biggest social justice issues for young people is the cost of education. An education is the basis of a rewarding and lucrative career, but if the young person is unable to pursue an education then that career is unavailable to them.University Library

Everyone should have the same opportunity to pursue a chosen career. No one should be excluded on the basis that they are unable to afford the cost of education.

The cost of education in Canada is rising fast. And one of the biggest issues the students involved in further education is the cost, as well as the debt burden that affects so many students once they have finished their chosen course. Continue Reading →

Why Health and Life Insurance Should be Accessible to Everyone

I’m not one who supports communist theories or socialist ideas, but when you look at the world around you, it is not difficult to think that maybe it would have been better if things were ran a little differently. Looking at first world nations with thousands of homeless people, uneducated children and citizens moving around without any health insurance or life insurance is simply infuriating.

I’m past thinking that the situation is heartbreaking. Something should be done to make different kinds of services available to the poor or the disenfranchised. Education is still free, which is good, but there’s a lot to be desired about the public school system. Medical assistance and help during times of emergency should not take weeks to process, but this is exactly what happens when you file claims with social security: you are made to fill out tons of paperwork before you can get a small amount of money. Help should not be like this.

People, regardless of their income brackets, should be able to file claims easily and get the money when they need it most. Alternatively, anyone who is sick should just be able to walk into any hospital and receive medical assistance regardless if one is covered by health insurance or not. I’m not saying that everything should be given away free, but those who cannot afford to pay expensive premiums should be subsidized by the government until such time that they are able to. It creates lesser financial problems for their families.

Each individual who is part of the labor force should also compare life insurance quotes and prices to see which ones can be worked into their budgets. Those who cannot pay for insurance premiums at the moment should be given a small yet still useful insurance policy by the government. This can be taken away anytime the individual is earning enough to pay for the premium on his own.

So essentially yes, the government should help its citizens get through health and life insurance payments while they can’t afford it. It’s not a long term solution to the problem, but it will keep the poor from suffering all the more than they already are.

How Poor People can Avail Health Insurance

When poor people get sick, it is such a huge problem since they don’t have money or health insurance to cover the medical expenses. As a result, they either try to medicate their patient on their own or go for alternative medicines that may work, but are too risky in certain circumstances. The rising cost of health insurance even hurts poor people and disregards the idea of getting the insurance all at once.

The truth is that even if health insurance costs are high, there are ways in which they can be made cheaper and more affordable for the poor. The only problem is that they are not informed about these policies and so they don’t bother getting one at all. Here are some tips on how to lessen the cost for insurance policies:

• Show proof of income. There are companies that offer lower rates for individuals who can provide proofs that they have a very low income. Should you qualify for this category, you will see drastic decrease in insurance premiums.

• Compare and contrast health insurance premiums before sealing the deal. Sometimes, there are reliable health insurance companies out there that offer very low rates. However, since you don’t bother to check them out, you miss the chance of getting affordable insurance premiums.

• Go online. There are lots of companies online that are legitimate and will offer you the best insurance premiums possible. They can even throw some discounts if you also provide proof of your income level.

• Check out community health centers. They provide very low rates for health services and even free for certain cases. They are health centers dedicated for babies, pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases, and many more. You just need to check out what your local community health center can offer you and that of the neighboring areas.

You don’t have to suffer from high costs of health insurance. You simply need to find a way to get lower insurance premiums and you are good to go. You may also compare life insurance here for more details.

How to Get Legal Help, Even If you Can’t Afford It

A life filled with depression and debt is a life of poverty that is full of personal turmoil and tragedy. The daily pressure of trying to make ends meet by working a job, or even two jobs, that pay little beyond the minimum wage and offer few if any benefits can weigh heavy on today’s working class. The inability to provide for one’s family despite every good intention and along with every bad break imaginable can lead one to a breaking point at nearly every turn. With special needs children in need of special care, the gravity of the responsibility can increase what seems to be tenfold, and then add an elderly parent with dementia and early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease to completely leave one feeling totally helpless.

A life of poverty can overwhelm the soul.

I know it all too well.

Having worked with low income families for over a decade now, I have come to understand how badly economic woes can impact them, especially when legal troubles come their way. My experience has taught me that today’s families that are living in poverty are not immune to legal troubles. In fact, my professional experience in working with these families reveals that they find themselves in legal trouble and usually see no means of getting the type of legal help that they need. In essence, on top of every other responsibility that has been placed upon them, these families also find themselves having to respond to a legal notice from the landlord or a potential legal issue from some distant debt collector. Even those with troubled teens find themselves facing the daunting task of having to fight legal battles at the mercy of the juvenile court. They just feel overtaken by the legal matters that come their way and seemingly snowball into a mounting heap of trouble that they just cannot seem to deal with on their own.

It has been my pleasure to assist low income families with their legal troubles. I have found legal assistance for one family facing financial hardship after the father had been hospitalized from a serious car accident. I searched through my personal Rolodex and my contacts to uncover a Vancouver accident attorney’s office offering services to the poor. I made the initial contact and walked my clients through the process and paperwork, even going so far as to set up and attend the initial counseling session with clients and the car accident attorney. The attorney was able to get the hospital bills and loss wages recovered, setting this family on its way to some relief.

Yes, it has taken a lot out of me, but it has all led to some remarkable success stories with my clients. Wayward children have received counseling and were able to deal with mounting hospital bills, loss wages and other damages. My experience has allowed me to see the type of turnaround that many do not get to see occur on behalf of those living in poverty.

All in all, my work with impoverished families facing legal troubles has become a labor of love. It has allowed me to support clients in a way that has transcended beyond merely social work to one of advocacy and altruism.

Why People Think the Poor Don’t Deserve the Basic Right to Health Care

Just the other day, I came across the hype about the latest treatment for varicose and spider veins online. For some weird reason, I ended up in this vein doctor directory and Optima Vein Care‘s vein removal in Scottsdale . I couldn’t help but feel sad that varicose veins actually made news because people on the Internet found it more important than other health issues and society; because while wealthy people can afford to get treatment and to worry about the “unsightly” veins on their legs, the poor can’t even worry about their legs because they don’t have access to basic health services to solve their health problems. Disappointed, I turned off the computer, got up, and headed out the door to reflect. During my walk in the nearby park, I have realized three reasons why the poor are labeled as “less deserving” of the basic right to as health care:
1. The Myth of Laziness and Irresponsibility
A lot of people think that the poor, especially those of color, don’t deserve health care because they aren’t employed with benefits or they can’t buy it from a private insurance company. The conditions of society, which have set up our health care in this way, are also the same conditions which reproduce inequality, hierarchy, and racial superiority in the guise of “hard work” and “productivity” in the name of individualism. So while the idea of being equal is popular in any so-called democratic country, the reality is that there are people who are more equal than others (to borrow from George Orwell’s line of thought in his book, “Animal Farm”).
2. The Trust in the Power of Private Health Care
Because health care is entrusted in the hands of private companies, politicians believe that it would contribute to an efficient economy that would supposedly improve the lives and health status of the general population – never mind the thousands of deaths of the poor who don’t have access to basic health care. By entrusting a profit-oriented market with our health, we forget that the state has the responsibility to take care of its citizens; basic health care should be a right to be accessed by everyone, and not a privilege to be accessed by only the wealthy.
3. The Double-Edged Sword of Empathy and Entitlement
Related to the first myth of laziness and responsibility and to the privatization of health care, a lot of people can see themselves in the same circumstances of the poor, but they can’t extend their empathy and compassion towards them. For example, there was a social experiment in London that went viral in April 2014. When people were shown an advertisement that offended the poor, they reacted with much concern. Yet when they were welcomed with a sign of “Help the Poor”, they ignored it. I suppose it would be the same if someone did a similar experiment, this time with “Kill the Poor” and “Help the Poor Live”.
With these reasons in mind, people should worry about important social issues such as universal health care rather than the veins on their legs.

Be a Handyman and Help Pay Your Tuition in College

A lot of people cannot go through college due to financial issues. There are those whose parents have no stable jobs to support their studies. Some others allow their siblings to study first before they do. If you can totally relate with this, then you need to find a way to still push through with your dreams of getting a degree.

One of the best possible ways is to be a handyman. There are a lot of working students out there who pay their tuition by working at certain times during the day and spend the remaining hours studying. If you can manage your time well, it won’t be difficult for you to joggle everything.

Be Trained

When you are interested in being a handyman, you can start by getting training courses. Some people have trained doing certain things at home. Thus, being a handyman is literally a handy job for them. However, if you are not used to it, you have nothing to worry about. You can go for free training courses for a few hours just to learn some basic stuff.

Freelance or Employee

When you are already confident that you can work as a handyman and at the same time be a college student, the next thing to do is to find a job. You can either work for freelance and accept a job depending on your availability or be hired by a particular company. Either way, as long as you think you can handle things well, go ahead and take it. Any option that will let you earn more and pay for your tuition more, it is definitely the best one to take.

If you are able to handle everything well, you will surely succeed in your goals. You will then prove that poverty is never a hindrance to success.

On the other hand, if you currently need a handyman to do certain things at home, you can hire a handyman here. If you need house painters, you can contact the best people for the job through Rest assured, anything that you need for your home will be taken care of by these professionals.

Discriminated Against in the Workplace? Fight Back!

There is no existing valid excuse here in America for discrimination in the workplace. Whether it’s sexual harassment, wage theft, indiscriminate exposure to hazard, or lack of benefits, discrimination is not tolerated.

In America a select few are usually discriminated against – the immigrants, the Native Americans, the uneducated, and the poor. There are a number of reported cases of companies exercising discrimination in hiring based on race and color of skin. They are also mistreated at work, often treated like inferiors, and are subject to unfair paying system. And take note, all these are doubled when it comes to women.

If you are experiencing one of the said situations, here is a piece of advice: you have a right. It is your right to sue whoever discriminates against you. Every state in the US has its own law regarding this. For example, in Minnesota, the law prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on race, sex, gender, color of skin, nationality, religion, age, disability, and economic status.

You can use the law to rightfully work for you. You can file a complaint against the company or individual that mistreated you. Again, each state has its own method of filing a complaint. In Minnesota, the first step is to identify why you were discriminated. Is it based on race, gender, economic status? If your workplace has 1 to 14 employees only, you can file the complaint at the state administrative agency called the Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR). If it has 15 or more employees, you must file at the federal administrative agency known as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Do not forget to file the case within 1 year or 300 days after the date of the discrimination. If the MDHR and/or EEOC are not able to resolve the matter, you can hire the services of a corporate law firm like this one in Minnesota. A competent firm should be able to help you assess your case, plan the next course of action, and help you get justice. Remember that the law should work for you regardless of your race, gender, religion, or economic status. 

How to Choose the Most Suitable Lawyer

Lately the policies for approving and granting cases of disability claims have become stricter, increasing the number of cases that get rejected in its initial phases. For someone who lives in Alabama requiring the service of an Auburn disability lawyer to acquire their due rights of Social Security Allowance, the Carmichael Law Group LLC can provide excellent recommendations. However, even after consulting the best team of attorneys, it becomes difficult to choose a lawyer according to the case. Given the amount of money that is invested in the cause, it is always wise to go over a few points and screen the potential services and then make the final decision of hiring a lawyer.

Judge the Level of Interest and Experience
Many lawyers tend to show keen interest in a case during its initial meetings till the time they actually get hired. After hiring, their service levels decline and they are unable to live up to the client’s expectations. To differentiate between the two kinds of lawyers, judge the level of interest and experience side by side. Lawyers who have a fair amount of relevant experience in solving and winning cases for their clients are always a better option since they know all the minute details of the case. The level of interest of any lawyer can be judged by the amount of homework they do before attending the meeting, their communication pattern and how long they take to get back to their client and the initiatives and efforts that they are ready to take in order to win the case.

Screen the Track Record of Success
Every lawyer has a track record that can be screened for seeing the number of cases that they won. It would be risky to choose a lawyer who does not have a strong track record of successful cases. Although such lawyers are also expensive when compared to others, paying a little extra for someone with proven abilities and a decent track record would be well worth it. Lawyers who have different kinds of certifications that are recent, recognized and relevant to the case are also good options when choosing and short listing a lawyer.

Are House Projects Good For The Poor?

Many people have the desire to help others in various ways. One of the many ways that other people help those who are less fortunate is to assist them with housing projects. House projects may include everything from building new structures from the ground up to helping those who are living in low-quality houses or houses that are in poor condition to make repairs and improvements. The charitable efforts of others can help those who otherwise cannot provide housing for themselves and their family to do so. While some people state that these charitable house projects help the poor, others believe that there is minimal benefit to helping those who are less advantaged. With a closer look at both sides of the argument, you may be able to determine if house projects are a type of charitable work you want to get involved with.

How House Projects Are Good for the Poor
Some individuals who struggle financially do so because of misfortune in their lives, and they may simply need an extra helping hand from time to time. These individuals may be hard-working, and they may do their best to provide for their families. In Toronto, Brock Windows&Doors, is a entry door manufacturer who graciously donated entry doors to projects to promote security in the home to repairing a damaged roof. These projects may promote the safety and security of those who reside in the home, and they also minimize the financial expenses associated with repair work that the homeowners may otherwise have been responsible for. In these ways, house projects can benefit those who are less fortunate in a number of ways.

When House Projects May Not Be Beneficial for the Poor
Many people who believe that house projects are not beneficial for those who are financially less fortunate believe that these individuals may be taking advantage of the system. They may believe that these individuals could make their own repairs to their home if they worked extra hours to obtain the funds necessary to buy the materials and if they put in the time and effort around the house to do the work themselves. Furthermore, some believe that by helping the poor in this fashion, they may become dependent on the help of others rather than relying on their own efforts to provide for themselves.

If You Choose to Complete House Projects for the Poor
The fact is that those who are for and those who are against completing house projects for the poor may have valid points. Not every individual who struggles financially is taking advantage of the system, and some people do need help from time to time. If you choose to complete house projects for the poor through your church or through a charitable organization, you can consider conducting research into how the recipients of this charitable work are selected. When individuals who are truly in need are carefully selected, you can work on house projects for the poor with peace of mind.

Everyone needs a safe, clean place to call home. When funds are not available to build a home or to repair an existing home, individuals may reach out for help. If you are interested in helping someone in need with a house project, take time to learn more about the organizations that complete these charitable projects as a first step.

Personal Training Career: A Fast Track to Success?

Being a personal trainer can be an avenue to achieving one’s life dreams in a short amount of time. Building an excellent foundation in knowledge of personal training and kinesiology is the key to having real success in this field, but it’s easy to do. There are several ways of doing this; however, we’ll only discuss the fastest and most effective method here.

Training And Education

In order for you to gain the most amount of information on personal training, you need to take one of the many personal training courses. These courses will give you a precise direction as to your career choices and also ensure that you are well grounded as a trainer in your field. Leading fitness professionals and institutions in various parts of the country are offering many of these courses. Under their teaching, you can get a certificate and valuable insights into the latest training methods. Therefore, getting a high-quality fitness education is the first important step to having an outstanding career in this field.

However, saying all you need to do is take one personal training or fitness course in order to become a great and successful personal trainer would be far from the truth. For the small amount of personal trainers who see great success, they even take a step further by getting additional vocational education training. But as I have said, there is more to success in the field than just the education. Your success in the gym as a trainer depends largely on you and your perseverance to always be learning and improving your skills.

What A Personal Trainer Needs

Being a personal trainer is one career that can bring a lot of joy, prosperity, and fulfillment to those who are passionate about health and fitness; however, things have to be done properly. For someone who has received the necessary degree of education and all the relevant qualifications, the next thing will be to start practicing as a fitness expert or a personal trainer in the gym.

How Can A Novice In The Industry Have Skyrocketing Success On The Job?

The challenges are there but not insurmountable. The following sections will shed more light on this. The first thing is having passion for the job.

“As a personal trainer, I often tell my trainees that it is a very bad idea for one to join the profession simply because you want to be referred to as a fitness guru. This is a tough and demanding job but one with very bright prospects. To realize the great potentials of this noble profession, you have to be very passionate about it” said Matt Rickman, a personal trainer at Next Level Fitness in Orange County, California.

For those who may not really get this point, the best way to do this is to focus on your clients. Assist your clients to reach their goals. Try not to have any other objective in mind, but to put smiles of satisfaction on the faces of your clients.

For those who pursue this profession with all the enthusiasm, passion, and determination, there are more than enough perks on the job. In terms of financial satisfaction, this can be a very high-paying job.

Many personal trainers earn $3,000 – $8,000 per month, but most of them started out working as a trainer at a large chain gym to get experience first. Then once they have a higher level of experience, they can work as trainers in more prestigious gyms or go out on their own as an independent personal trainer and turn it into a small business.

In summary, personal training is like any other career, there is fierce competition at the top, but that should not stop the most passionate trainer from reaching the highest level in this amazing profession.

Medical Coverage for Workers with Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are swollen blood vessels in any part of the body, found particularly in the legs and thighs. Apart from pregnancy, aging, and genetics, standing for long periods of time is also considered to contribute in the development of varicose veins. There are several treatments available to prevent these unsightly and swollen veins from developing, which, in some cases can lead to more serious health conditions like blood clots and vein cancer. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the condition of their veins especially in their legs and have it treated as early as possible.

Blue collar workers spend their working hours doing more strenuous work. With their bodies getting strained continuously, they are more susceptible to illnesses. There are many people that are likely to develop varicose veins, particularly those whose jobs require them to stay on their feet for long hours, such as cashiers, factory workers, fast food crew, and more. Not all companies provide health insurance for their workers, especially those that only provide minimum wages. The government should impose that all companies, regardless if they only pay the minimum monthly wage, provide all their workers a health insurance privilege.

Are varicose veins covered by medical insurance?

Varicose veins are considered as a medical issue that may result to a more serious health problem, therefore, it is covered. However, not all insurance companies apply this concept. Establishments should choose an insurance company that will have varicose veins covered, especially if they have a lot of workers that are more likely to develop the medical condition while on the job.

Are all varicose vein treatments covered by the insurance company?

No. it depends on what treatment will be used.  Before, many insurance companies cover the sclerotherapy treatment, but health insurance policies have changed over the years. Today, there are only a few left.

Different Types of Varicose Vein Treatment

  • Sclerotherapy – this is the most common treatment for varicose veins. This treatment is performed by injecting a little amount of solution (usually saline solution) that will destroy the inner lining of the vein.
  • Laser surgery – a process in which varicose veins are being dissolved by the use of light energy.
  • Endoscopic vein surgery – a process where a tiny camera that comes with a thin tube at the end is inserted under the skin and all branches of the vein are closed by electric impulses.
  • Vein stripping – done in severe cases, this process is performed by removing and tying shut the vein.

Choosing a Treatment Clinic

It is not difficult to find a surgical center that will perform a varicose vein treatment. There are a lot of reliable clinics that offer Sclerotherapy in Santa Clara County like this one. Do not be surprised if your physician refers you to a cosmetic surgeon. Varicose veins are considered cosmetic because it is a symptomatic condition.

While there are many clinics that will do varicose vein treatments, make sure that you are going to have your treatment in a reputable clinic. Take the time to check the license and accreditation before you undergo treatment. If you are looking for a clinic that treats varicose veins in Southfield, check this website.

Dental Assistant For The Helpless

If you are looking for dental implants in Fresno County, I suggest you take a look at Dental Implant City as they have a ton of businesses. Suzy, from Idaho comes from a middle class family. She never had very much money and therefore didn’t get to the dentist as much as she should have. Many years took their toll on her teeth.  Some fell out, and some were discolored. Her smile was not something she was proud of. Whenever she laughed, she always covered her mouth because she didn’t want anyone to see the  shape her smile was in.  It made it very hard to find friends. People were so mean and treated her like she wasn’t good enough. All she ever wanted was to fit in and be like the other girls with pretty smiles, but because growing up her family did not have the finances it took to get her to the dentist, it just wasn’t possible. She would often dream of what it would be like having a pretty smile and vowed that someday she would get her teeth fixed.  Top priority on her list were teeth first and education second because she knew how much more confident she would fee after getting the work done on her mouth.

This is a sad story but so true of so many Americans. You only make just enough money to get by and then other things suffer, such as dental work. Well it came time for Suzy to get an education but she was so insecure about her teeth it held her back for a few years. That’s when she heard about Dental Implants. She took the steps necessary to save, and find out more. It was scary for her because she was really afraid of Dentists.  She had only been to them a few times in her life and boy did her smile prove that. No matter what it was time to do something. She was ready for a change and jumped.  It was the best decision of her life other than getting a college education. She actually was the first in her family to get one. She attributes her new sense of feeling good about herself because she made that step to get her teeth fixed.

She found a great place called, “Dental Implants of Fresno”.  She made her appointment and had the procedure done.  Like I said earlier she had always been afraid of the Dentist but the folks at, Dental Implants of Fresno made her feel very relaxed and safe.  When she was done she couldn’t believe the difference it made. She was so happy she cried and could not stop looking in the mirror. Now she is off to college and has a whole new frame of mind. From Middle class, to success, she now has a very successful business. She enjoys her job and she smiles all the time. She is so proud of her new smile and all of her accomplishments.

The Consequences of being Poor

With the cost of living rising faster than most people’s wages, it’s no wonder that there are more families than ever before living below the poverty line.  One of the first things that suffers for those with little money after paying household bills each month is food.

Much of this is the fault of supermarkets and food suppliers. The cost of buying fresh fruit and vegetables now is so expensive that many simply cannot afford it, instead supplementing their diets with cheap tinned foods that contain little to no nutritional value whatsoever.

Paying the Consequences

This leads to a number of serious health issues. Most of these cheap tinned foods are full of sugar, salt and additives – all of which are bad.  The effect this has had is a strong rise in the number of obese people on our planet and surveys show that a good proportion of these are on a low income.

The lack of nutritious food in their diets also leads to a severe deficiency in the right vitamins and minerals.  This, coupled with the obesity factor, can lead to heart problems, joint problems, early onset arthritis, anaemia, the list goes on.

The next consequence is hospital treatment. Low-income families may not be able to afford to go and see their physician as often as they need to. They can’t afford the prescription costs and, as a result, they suffer more than they should.

And that’s Not All

Other things suffer like hygiene. Not being able to keep a kitchen or bathroom properly cleaned because of the prohibitive cost of cleaning materials leads to a lower standard of hygiene and a rise in the number of illnesses caused by this standard.

The good news is, there are plenty of places, including online sites, where kitchen supplies can be bought at good prices.

The bad news is, the supermarkets are showing no signs of dropping their prices, of helping poorer people live a reasonable standard of lifestyle, something that they, as a human being, are entitled to.

It shouldn’t matter how much money you have in your pocket on any given day – you should be able to walk into a store and come out with the ingredients for a healthy nutritious meal and the means to clean up after yourself. This is not a privilege for the rich; this is a basic human right.

Can The Poor Still Exercise As Well As The Rich?

These days, such is the disparity between rich and poor, the poorest in society have to work longer and longer hours for lower and lower pay. As if having to rely on fast food wasn’t bad enough, this is also making it harder for the poorest people to get their quota of exercise in. Moreover, improvements and advanced machines have made some home equipment affordable only for the very rich. They get to choose from the latest technology with many more hours of free time while the poor have to work with whatever meager hours of free time they have left and a tight budget.

However, assuming one wants the convenience of working out at home, you only need a few hours a week and you can exercise just as well as the rich. Contrary to popular belief, one of the most popular types of home exercise equipment is still the humble and inexpensive exercise bike. But buying one is not as easy as going to the nearest shopping center and just picking the cheapest one out. There are a lot of things to think about besides the purchase price. What kind of exercise bike do you want? An upright or recumbent stationary bike? How comfortable is it? How easy is it to adjust?

You shouldn’t necessarily go for the lowest cost stationary bike out there as it may not last very long or be so uncomfortable it puts you off wanting to use it at all. A first timer’s bicycle at the cheapest will cost you approximately $200, and although this will probably be satisfactory, in all probability it won’t have some of the features found on more expensive training bikes. For a little more, say between $300 and $600 you can get a much better quality exercise bike with many features including magnetic resistance, heart rate management, a comfy seat and typically silent and smooth operation.

Many people are convinced that recumbent stationary bicycles tend to be more comfy to use than upright stationary bikes as you sit in reclined posture which puts less pressure on your back. If you have had problems with your back, you might want to look into inversion tables as an additional piece of exercise equipment. Upright exercise bikes, while they aren’t nearly as comfy, do have the benefit that you may effortlessly raise the level of activity by pedaling standing upright such as you would on a regular non-stationary bike.

Certainly, with stationary bicycles, as with other fitness exercise equipment, you will get what you pay for. It is really not a smart idea to choose the lowest cost fitness bike you could find as it might not last very long and you aren’t going to be satisfied with the workout that you will get. There is no need to buy an extremely high-priced bike but we recommend buying one that can give you good quality exercise whilst keeping you stimulated. The poorest in society may have not be able to afford the flashest equipment but when it comes to fitness, who says it’s even necessary.

Helping Poor People Through Binary Options Trading

Many people don’t realize it, but many of our country’s citizens still don’t have access to even the most basic of necessities. From healthcare to housing, so many people are not able to afford such things. The sad part is that this is in spite of governmental efforts to remedy poverty. Governmental efforts are often lacking and only target a small portion of the country’s poor population. Considering this, it can be said that there really aren’t any efficient, long-term solutions to poverty yet. The silver lining to all this is that should ordinary people make the extra effort, they can actually help in solving the problem of poverty. There are many ways you can help out, but for this post, I’m only going to concentrate on one: binary options trading. So many people in the country invest at Banc de Binary and other legitimate brokerages in order to help out, and through their work, so many poor people all over the country have ended up finding a better life.

Now, you might be thinking, why is binary options trading such a great way for people to earn money that they can then donate to charities? Binary options trading is a great way to help out because unlike other forms of trading, it is very easy to learn and profit from. Even ordinary people who don’t have specialist knowledge are able to make profit off binary options trading easily. Executing a binary options trade only requires choosing between putting and calling on an option, and a correct guess will always lead to profits. Considering this, it’s easy to see why it’s easy to profit from.

Of course, although binary options trading is a very safe activity, people should make it a point to only work with brokerages that are actually legitimate. This is because working with non-legitimate brokerages will put one at risk of being defrauded.

Finding a legitimate brokerage shouldn’t be a problem as there actually quite a number of them, but for this post, I’m only going to recommend Banc de Binary. Trades at Banc de Binary tend to be more successful, and this is because Banc de Binary, unlike other brokerages, offers binary options trading signals to its clients. Through these signals, people end up knowing what trades they should be making and how much they can expect to earn from them.

Here in the country, more than a thousand people have been doing binary options trading to support charities. Most of these people donate around 50% of their earnings; the most benevolent traders donate everything they earn. The work of these people has ended up giving poor families access to so many basic necessities; unfortunately though, not everyone is able to benefit from it. This is why it’s important that more people do binary options trading for charity. For each trader that does work for charity, a poor family ends up gaining access to a better life.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about the injustices suffered by poor people just because of their financial status. Hopefully, what I write will end up raising awareness of their plight and get people to think of ways to effectively deal with it.

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