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There Is No Access To The Law For Everyone

Access to justice depends on how much you can afford to pay

Justice for AllOne of the most basic principles of any civilised society is the rule of law. Take away the law and you have anarchy and chaos.

However one of the basic principles of the rule of law is that everyone has equal access to the law. If the law is only available to the rich, and a large proportion of the population are unable to access legal redress, then this makes a mockery of the rule of law.

Unfortunately in this country access to the courts and the law is restricted. Despite the fact that we have a legal aid system the availability of access to the courts for most people is restricted by limited funding.

There’s a new report out on access to legal aid Continue Reading →

The Injustices of Current Interest Rates

Interest rates close to zero are hurting the retired.

sad Way back in 2008 we had a financial crisis. I’m sure you remember it, for a while there was every possibility that the world would descend into recession or possibly even depression. It was a very serious financial catastrophe.

The financial crisis was caused by some of the wealthiest, most powerful and connected people in the world, the people who control the US banks. The US banks, in effect, held the world to ransom for a period of time, and it was only because of the good graces of the taxpayer that they were rescued.

The bottom line is that the principal motivation behind the actions taken by the banks over the preceding decade or so was greed. Some seriously wealthy people were attempting to use every trick in the book to increase financial returns.

It backfired, and it backfired seriously, and plenty of people hurt as a result. Continue Reading →

How Does the Canadian Healthcare System Work?

The health system isn’t perfect, but which health system is now?

healthThe health care system of Canada provides publicly funded health care to (almost) all Canadian citizens. Whilst the Canadian healthcare system is not perfect it is considerably better than some, notably the US health care system. However it could certainly be improved.

The health care system in Canada is known as “Medicare” by residents although this is not the official name. It was set up under the provisions of the Canada Health Act of 1984.

One of the difficulties in launching and maintaining the health care system in Canada is that Canada is made up of provinces, with their own separate governments, as well as a Federal government. Under the Constitution Act of 1867 it was the provinces that were responsible for establishing, maintaining and managing hospitals and other similar institutions. Continue Reading →

Access to Higher Education is a Right not a Privelege

Access to education is an issue of social justice

One of the biggest social justice issues for young people is the cost of education. An education is the basis of a rewarding and lucrative career, but if the young person is unable to pursue an education then that career is unavailable to them.University Library

Everyone should have the same opportunity to pursue a chosen career. No one should be excluded on the basis that they are unable to afford the cost of education.

The cost of education in Canada is rising fast. And one of the biggest issues the students involved in further education is the cost, as well as the debt burden that affects so many students once they have finished their chosen course. Continue Reading →

Manage Your Wealth Wisely So You can Help More People

If you have more to receive, then you can have more to give. Therefore, if you are blessed with more wealth, then you have more capability to give back to other people. This is the main reason why you should hire wealth management firms. It is not just about getting rich. It is also about having the capacity to be of bigger help to others.

What Does a Wealth Manager Do?

When you hire wealth management firms, you will be given advice on what to do with your finances. They will give you the right steps to undertake so you won’t mess up your investment. They will help you find a way for your investment to grow. They will search as your coach and mentor. Ultimately, the decision is still yours. However, you will already have an informed decision since you get help from the experts.

Speedy Success

When you are partnered with experts in financial management, you will double or even triple your money in no time. They will see to it that your initial investment will balloon in the fastest way possible, with minimal risks. They will carefully analyze the situation and tell you the best possible move for your finances. They have years of experiences at their disposal. Thus, you are assured they will give you the right advice.

It Is Time to Give Back

The moment you have finally reached the pinnacle of success, it is high time to give back to other people. Take some time to take a portion of your money out and donate it to the poor. You may also sponsor some livelihood projects that will help other people support themselves. You may also start an organization that allows volunteerism in helping endeavors related to peace, education and justice. There are a lot of things that you can do if you have grown your investments. You just need to find the right partner to help you out.

If you need more information in regards to investment management firms, go to As soon as you get the right kind of help from experts, you will be grateful that you have made this decision.

Scientific Illiteracy Leads to Poverty

It has long been believed that functional literacy, or the ability to read and write, can get you a secured life. But is this true? Yes, being able to read and write can get you a job that pays $7 per hour, but to succeed and truly conquer, we need more than that. We need something that gives us the edge and the ability to think for ourselves. We need scientific literacy.

According to Dr. Jon Miller, US citizens are not as smart as the rest of the world thinks they are. At least as of March 2014, he found that majority of American adults do not know what molecules are, what is bigger between an atom and electron, what radiation is and how it affects humans, and one in five adults still believe that the sun revolves around the earth. We sincerely hope these people were joking.

So what have become of the millions of dollars used to fund schools and universities? Will the $141 billion education fund for the fiscal year 2014 go to waste?

For some of us, it may be difficult to comprehend how on earth these adults went through decades of their lives completely ignorant about basic scientific concepts despite the comprehensive educational system of the country. There may be socio-political and cultural reasons for these, though. We should not settle with the fact that the government allocates billions of dollars for education; rather, we should look into how kids, especially the poor ones, are being taught in school.

Knowing basic scientific concepts is vital in modern day survival. People need to be informed on stuff that they should or should not do. If you don’t know what a molecule is, how will you comprehend the concepts of bacteria and viruses? How much more will you comprehend the critical issue of climate change? There’s also a tremendous impact to people’s health. For example, most are not aware that inhaling water-based paint fumes can aggravate asthma and allergies. That’s why people should just hire professionals like Proven Painters (more info here) for paint jobs. If people are ignorant of these simple facts, how can we expect them to climb out of the poverty cycle? Science is not a panacea, but it’s a necessity. 

How Advanced Technology is Limiting Healthcare for the Poor

Technology was always intended for greater purposes. It was meant to help enhance the lives of many people while reducing the cost of dealing with various medical issues. However, this is not the case for much of medical advancement and in fact, usually has the opposite effect. As it stands, the better the means to deal with disease, the more likely it is to cost at least 6 figures more. Here are some of the reasons why it’s becoming impossible to deal with medical technology.

Specialty Technology costing too much
Many specialized pieces of hardware are designed so that we are able to save even the most dismally hopeless patient. However, these specialty technologies are price-y and not all hospitals are meant to carry them. The sad state of affairs is that many companies choose to buy into these devices in order to provide accessibility to everyone. But what they don’t realize is that the use of these machines is quite rare, and they always try to squeeze them in when they suspect even the littlest symptoms that may indicate its need.

It’s no better in the Field of Chemistry
Since technology is starting to speed up the evolution of hardware, the hardware also helps speed up the advance of chemistry. There are new drugs that make everything from cancer to Ebola treatable. However, the swift production of each makes it impossible to keep these drugs cheap. Numerous orders are placed, and then are replaced in a matter of months, which makes it less cost efficient.

There needs to be a Medical Moore’s Law
Moore’s Law is a rule in technology which states that ever few years, the cost of more advanced hardware should halve while providing twice the efficiency and power. That doesn’t hold true with medical tech and is actually the inverse. For a more in depth look, check this article out.

Medicine is meant to open windows and doors in Brampton and everywhere else but sturdy closed doors are what people encounter instead. That needs to change quickly, because eventually, it won’t just be the poor suffering the needless expansion of medical tech.

Protecting Your Consumer Rights

In the global market, there is constant exchange of goods for cash. Consumers pay money to a vendor and get a product or service in return. Governments, in their efforts to regulate the marketplace and ensure fairness and even competition between and among consumers and vendor, have enacted laws that protect the rights of both. If you have purchased anything at any time in your life, then you can consider yourself a consumer. As such, you should know what your rights are, exercise them and protect them.

In making a purchase, the product or service that you receive in return must be worth what you paid for. It should be to your satisfaction, free from any form of defect and usable for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, transactions between a vendor and a client are not always ideal. There are several unscrupulous and incompetent businesses in the market today that treat their buyers unfairly. According to consumer reports, among the most common complaints of unsatisfied customers are defective products, shoddy service, inaccurate information, breach of contract or overcharging. To avoid these inconvenient and money-losing occurrences from happening, there are certain steps you can take to protect your consumer rights.

Firstly, know the basic rights of a consumer. Different states or countries might have different laws protecting consumers but these laws all accord consumers their basic rights. As a consumer, you have the right to safety, should be able to choose your preferred product, should have access to accurate information and have the right to be heard. This means that products that pose a hazard to your health are unlawful. You are also entitled to fair prices and good quality for items being sold in the market. Further, the law also protects you from misleading advertisements and information that vendors may provide. If any of these basic rights are violated, the law give you the right to complain and be heard; and enables you to take action against any business engaging in unfair and illegal practices. By being aware of these rights, you can become a better informed customer.

Another way of being a pro-active consumer is doing your due diligence when making purchases that involve a substantial amount of money. Never make big purchases without first conducting research. You can do this by searching for different brands on the internet and reading reviews about them. An example of a review site can be viewed at, for best electric pressure washer. This site also provides power washer reviews. There are thousands of review sites like these, featuring various other products and services that you can utilize as references in making your purchase decision.

Further, be conscious about warranties of the items your purchase. Warranties ensure that a product will be replaced if it breaks down or becomes unusable within a certain period. Ideally, a warranty period should last at least one year. If what you are paying for is a service, you have to make sure that the people you are hiring are duly licensed. This can be applicable to physicians, lawyers or contractors that you might hire to perform certain services in your home.

In case you have the misfortune of being victimized by fraud or an unfair business practice, you can make your grievances known by informing the vendor thru a formal letter. If the response is inadequate, you can then forward your complaint to the appropriate organizations or government institutions like the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission, for proper action.

What to Do When You’re on the Receiving End of Bad Customer Service

Every business knows that providing excellent customer service makes good business sense. Unfortunately, many of the businesses operating today do not practice it. As a consumer, you might probably have experienced bad customer service a few times. Being given defective products, rude sales staff, inaccurate product information and poor service, to name a few – all these make you feel dissatisfied as a customer. So, how do you deal with situations like these?

First and foremost, you need to remember that you have consumer rights, which accords you the right to be heard whenever you are not satisfied with a service or product that a business provides in exchange for your money. In doing so, you might consider certain suggestions in the process of airing your complaint.

Act promptly. Customer complaints are best resolved as soon as possible. Don’t wait for days or even weeks to inform a company about your complaint. Prompt action will provide you with a faster resolution to your problem while letting a business know that you are serious about your complaint.

There are several ways by which you can express your customer dissatisfaction. You can speak directly with a customer service representative, make a call, or send mail via post or the internet. If your situation is more complex in nature, it might be recommendable to send a letter or an email since it offers the advantage of being able to communicate with more senior members of a company.

When writing, it is important to be polite even if it might be tempting to rant angrily about a valid complaint. A letter written in a positive tone will have better chances of being acted upon than a negative sounding one. Be concise and specific, stating your situation and how you want it to be resolved. Depending on the nature of our complaint, you can mention if you want a replacement, a discount or have a fee waived. If you choose to communicate thru email, one quick way of obtaining a business’ email address is by visiting its website, which will contain contact information. Some businesses go a step further by providing a toll-free telephone number for customers to call, like this site on junk removal in Indianapolis and this site on junk removal in Grand Rapids, do.

Familiarize yourself with the customer service policies implemented by the company. This information can guide you in determining how to proceed with your complaint. Even if a business has a “no return, no refund” policy, you can still make yourself heard especially when you think your case is valid.

Alternatively, you can make good use of technological tools like social media to make yourself heard. Several companies have staff members that monitor their Twitter and Facebook accounts. In fact, many businesses use social media extensively to interact with customers. Furthermore, posting your concern online is likely to be responded to promptly. Since your complaint is visible to anyone, it places more pressure on a business to respond; otherwise, it will be put in a negative light.

Carrying out these suggestions is not a guarantee of a positive outcome on your complaint. Sadly, there are incompetent businesses that provide very poor customer service and are unresponsive to their clients’ concerns. In this case, you can forward your complaint to institutions that have jurisdiction over consumer grievances like the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.

Social Justice Documentaries That You Can Watch Online

The Internet offers information to almost everything that you wish to find. Millions of people from around the world go online each day to do their research, work and more. It’s easy to find the latest on a specific topic; especially there are sites that collect information on the web to make them available in one page. For instance, if you always want to know the hottest US news, websites like The Needs would give you what you need.

Because of the popularity of the Internet, it also became a platform for social justice supporters to reach out to people and open their eyes with the various issues that they are fighting for.  People who would like to spread this information make use of various social networking sites to reach more users. Social justice documentaries can also be found online and here are some of them.


Bullying is one of the biggest problems faced by the youth nowadays. It does not just affect their studies, but their general well being too. This documentary features five families, which lives were followed for an entire school year. It shows how the kids were bullied and the effect on them.

The Invisible War

It tackles sexual assaults that happen in military and how this issue is being kept from the public, although the numbers show its severity. Interviewees share their stories and how this awful experience brought pain and suffering to them, as well as how this greatly affects their relationship with their partners.

War Zone

Women’s right on equality and safety has been an on-going issue for years. Although many countries are now giving equal rights to men and women, there are still many areas in which women are abused and do not get the rights they deserve. This film shows the struggles of women when it comes to sex and power, as well as the effect on them.

It’s a Girl

This is another documentary that shows the hardship of being a girl in countries where men are considered as supreme. This issue is rampant in countries like China and India. Many parents kill or abort the baby upon learning that it’s a girl. This documentary also shows how girls are becoming victims of human trafficking and abandonment.

These films would further open the eyes of the people on various social justice issues.

What to Do When You Go Bankrupt

The most recent economic crisis caused a significant rise in the number of bankruptcy cases, as more people were unable to meet their financial obligations. Many people perceive bankruptcy as a very ominous label to pin on someone; but what exactly is it? A formal definition of bankruptcy states that it is a legal status imposed by court order upon a person, business or entity that is unable to repay debts owed to creditors.

Bankruptcy is a legal tool that debtors can resort to if they are unable to pay off debts. If you are dealing with a similar situation and find yourself in dire financial straits, filing for bankruptcy might be a way to clear monetary obligations. However, you have to understand that the process does not merely involve going to court and walking out as someone who is debt-free. Declaring yourself bankrupt is not a matter to be taken lightly and entails responsibility on your part.

Initially, you need to take a close and realistic look at your financial situation. You can do an inventory of the assets you possess which can include cars, savings accounts, property, stocks and retirement funds. At the same time, you also need to have a good estimate of how much money you owe by adding the amounts stated in bills and credit card statements. If your total debt is more than the sum of your assets, then bankruptcy might be a way to help put financial matters in order.

There are two ways by which courts can declare you bankrupt. You can voluntarily file for bankruptcy or people you owe money to requests a court to declare you bankrupt. Between the two, the former is more common. If you opt for a voluntary filing, there are various ways you can go about this. The most suitable one will largely depend on your financial situation. If you are unsure on what legal path to take, you can seek advice from professionals specializing on bankruptcy cases like the Maui Attorney on this site.

One way of filing for bankruptcy is via a straight bankruptcy, which will have your assets liquidated for payment to creditors. A notice of discharge is issued after four months; however, your being bankrupt will be reflected on your credit report for a period of ten years. Since this method involves asset liquidation, it might not be the best mode of filing if you have possessions that you want to keep such as a house or a business. In this case, you can go for a reorganization bankruptcy. Unlike straight bankruptcy, this scheme will allow you to pay off your debts for a period of three to five years without giving up your assets. This is the more practical approach when you have a regular income.

Declaring yourself bankrupt might be a daunting proposition but there is no shame in doing it. It does not necessarily mean that you have been irresponsible with your finances, as there are various reasons why people go bankrupt such as being laid off from work, being divorced or high medical bills. Difficult as it may be, filing for bankruptcy might just be the thing you need to confront the financial demons that have been hounding you for so long, and give yourself a fresh start.

The Right to Smile

Everybody has rights. The right to life, the right to health and the right to be able to smile. What happens in the event that you visit the dentist but the results are not what you expected?  What are your rights as a dental patient?

  • First, you have a right to know exactly what the problem is and how the dentist is going to treat it
  • You have the right to be given more than one option along with reasons and recommendation with each option
  • You have the right to look for a second opinion
  • You have the right to understand the fee structure
  • You have the right to comfort, throughout the treatment and afterwards.
  • You have the right to respect, from the dentist and staff
  • You have the right to be treated in clean and sterile surroundings
  • You also have the right to repair – should something not be to your satisfaction you can ask the dentist to put it right free of charge.

Unfortunate, things do go wrong but your dentist should be prepared to put things right in the event that it was something they did that caused the problem.  Always check that your dentist is insured – if he isn’t any compensation claims will more than likely be a waste of time.

If the dentist has done something that has damaged your teeth the chances are this can never be put right properly. In this case, you do have the right to sue.

These rights apply to everyone, whether they have money or not. Unfortunately it seems that poor people suffer the most, in part because they don’t have the money to put things right and in part because, more often than not they are not informed of their rights.

Everybody should be treated as equal when it comes to healthcare of any kind. Young or old, rich or poor, we all have the same rights and we should all be treated the same.  The sad truth is, it doesn’t happen.  To ensure you do get the best treatment, make sure you visit a properly registered and licenced dentist, such as this North Scottsdale Dentist.

Just Because You’re Poor Does Not Mean You Have to be Ugly

A lot of people might equate beauty with wealth. They say that if you are wealthy, you have all the right to look good. In fact, you can even look better as you can afford cosmetic enhancements. However, just because you are not that wealthy does not mean you no longer have the right to look good. This is totally unfair. If you wish to look young and healthy, no matter what your status in life is, you deserve to get what you want. When you are considering cosmetic surgery, then go for it.

Getting Free Treatment

If you think you cannot afford these procedures, then you don’t even have to pay for them. The truth is that you can look for organizations that provide help to those who really want cosmetic surgery, but are not rich enough to splurge money on it. All you need to do is to look for these organizations and sign up. They might have a long waiting list, but you can still make it if you are patient enough.

There are those who provide free botox treatments as this is one of the cheapest cosmetic enhancements available. This procedure will make you look a lot younger. When you are stressed out from working very hard for your family, it will feel great if you know that something can be done to ease your condition.

Be Beautiful and Elevate Your Societal Status

When you can get free treatments to look good and be more beautiful, then you have a strong chance of changing your status in the society.
Take note that there are a lot of jobs that are searching for qualified candidates who have “pleasing” personality. If you can be qualified for these jobs because you now look great after enhancements, then your future will be a lot brighter. For instance, you can work as a waitress and work your way up the social ladder. You can eventually be a manager and get an even higher position. You may also work as a personal assistant or a secretary of powerful business owners now that you look great.

Don’t Limit Yourself

The problem with not so fortunate people is that they tend to limit what they can do and even what they want to dream of. Dreaming is for free. Thus, you have to dream all you want. Make sure that you dream big and achieve even bigger things in life. If you think you are poor, but you really want to go for facial enhancements such as dermal fillers, then dream of it. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of organizations that are willing to make your dreams come true.

Do Your Research

For now, it pays a lot if you know more about cosmetic surgery and its details. You need to know exactly what you want and where you can get it. If you want to know more details about Botox in San Diego, go here. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting dermal fillers in Australia, then check this out.

Making the World a Better Place

If you are one of us, someone who is trying to turn the world’s attention to social justice, do it in the right way. Use the biggest asset we have at hand – social media.  Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all helping to change the way we work, the way the world thinks. 

Social media is a powerful communication tool, a way of spreading the message far and wide and it’s a tool that is getting bigger and better by the day.  Used in the right way, it can be the most powerful way of gathering momentum and spreading awareness of social justice issues that plague the world.

First, if you are unsure of how to use social media for this purpose, don’t play at it. Hire a professional social media agency to help you out – it will be money well spent, I can assure you. Next, follow at least one of these tips to help you harness the power of social media:

Have a Twitter Party

Twitter is one of the most effective methods of getting a lot of people together very quickly.  Promote the party through the other social media pages that you have and get together with people who are working towards the same end – social justice for all. You also spread the word and raise a fair bit of awareness while you are doing it.

Get Blogging

Write about your work, what you are trying to achieve, on your blog – if you haven’t got one, get one set up.  You can promote your blog on your social media pages and write some pretty compelling articles that reach the right ears.  Customize your blog so that it gets to the people who need to see it, the right people who want to be involved in your cause.

Call to Action

Just having social media pages is not enough.  You must have a call to action and you must be able to connect with local users as well as remote connections.  Have a weekly meeting via social media; arrange regular sessions where people can volunteer their services and use social media to promote different social justice events that are going on.  Encourage attendance and ask people to be active in their participation.

Visual Advertising

Just sending out messages in text via social media isn’t enough.  Use visuals as well – pictures, photos you have taken, videos.  Think about direct marketing via the television – that ad can be posted on your social media pages as well. If you choose to go down this route, research drtv agencies and choose one that is professional to help you.  Videos and pictures work far more than text ever will – they are more persona and far more real.

Using social media as a way of calling people to action is one of the most effective methods there is.  People respond, people talk and people get together on social media sites. Use it properly and use it wisely and soon you will have a following that can really help to change the world, to bring justice to the people who need it the most.

Essential Healthcare – Right or Privilege?

It seems that healthcare is only really available to those with money. This so-called “affordable healthcare act” isn’t so affordable after all and those who cannot afford it have to go without.  Add that to cuts in the healthcare sector, in funding, and many more of the elderly and the poor are being left high and dry without the care they have a right to receive.

Right or Privilege?

The sad thing is, this isn’t just happening in the US, it’s happening across the whole world. If you don’t have the money to pay for your healthcare you don’t get it, it’s as simple as that.  Let’s take the case of Miss A in Australia and Mrs B in America.

Both suffer from varicose veins but there is one difference – Miss A works hard, standing on her feet all day long, trying to earn enough money to support her family. Mrs B doesn’t work. She has a wealthy husband who supports all her needs and a team of staff to see to her every need. Her vein problem is hereditary; Miss A’s is caused through standing for too long every single day.

Miss A cannot have the procedure she needs for her veins because she cannot afford it. She has medical insurance but, because varicose vein surgery is seen as cosmetic rather than essential, it isn’t covered.  She certainly cannot afford to pay for the procedure herself; she barely makes ends meet as it is, so she has to suffer in pain.

Luckily, for her, after her light was made public, a couple of anonymous donors gave enough money for her to be treated in Brisbane. Varicose veins are this clinic’s speciality and she will soon be on her feet and out of pain.

The Other Side of the Coin

Mrs B in America on the other hand, well that’s a completely different story.  She has money you see, the money to be able to pay for whatever treatment she needs. Even if she didn’t, she would still get her treatment done as a priority, because she is wealthy. 

Money talks, wherever you are in the world, whatever sector you are in.  Mrs B only has to flash the Black Amex card and she is welcomed anywhere and everywhere, treated like a queen and given anything she wants, especially health care.  She paid for spider vein treatment in West Palm Beach, and got the best service she could buy.

The Right to Basic Healthcare

Now, I don’t have a problem with anyone paying for his or her own healthcare. It’s their choice. What I so have a problem with is people who have little or no money, people who work 15 hours a day to try to support their families, without using the welfare system, being turned away for basic healthcare.

Varicose veins are not a cosmetic issue. They are painful, they make it difficult to stand, to walk and they can cause a number of other medical problems as well.  They should not be treated as a cosmetic procedure for insurance purposes and everyone who suffers should have the right to proper, timely treatment.

How Car Accident Settlements are Unfair to the Less Wealthy Party

There are several instances in which the person who has caused a road accident may just escape without paying for the damage he has caused. This is true especially if the other party is extremely wealthy while the other one is not. In fact, the other person involved in the accident might have suffered serious injuries and should go for a surgery that could cost a lot. With simple threats and insults, the less wealthy party might just opt to shut up and not fight for his right at all.

This usually happens if the person involved is not wealthy and cannot afford paying for legal fees. As a result, they would agree to any form of settlement or even if the other party won’t pay anything at all. They might even be sued and be blamed for the incident even if it is clear that they are not at fault. In some cases, even the investigators can be paid just to put the blame on the poorer party. This might seem sad, but this is a reality. This is something that seems really disgusting, but this is how life is given the inequality in the distribution of wealth among people.

Getting Legal Assistance

The good thing is that there are lots of accident lawyers out there that can help out the injured party. They might cost a lot, but some of them have a good repayment scheme so that it won’t be a burden to the injured party. There are also those that offer discounts to those who want legal assistance, but are not wealthy enough. There are also organizations that help out in looking for the best car accident lawyers to fight for the right of the oppressed.

The world needs more lawyers who can fight for those who have no voice in the society. No one should be above the law. Money should not dictate the fate of people. Those who have violated the law deserve punishment and not the other way around. If you live in Vancouver, it is best to look for car accident lawyer in Vancouver here as they are experts in this field.

Supporting Poor People Involved in a Car Accident

When poor people are involved in a car accident, they usually end up being helpless. When they are driving a car for an employee, they usually end up being paid minimal amounts to pay for their bills. Worse, when the employer deems that it is the driver’s fault, he will not be paid at all. There are also those who have no comprehensive car insurance since it is not something that they can afford. Worse, if they are involved in an accident with a wealthy person, they end up getting all the blame. They are even asked to pay for the damages and without comprehensive insurance; this is definitely a huge burden.

For poor people who are helpless, getting a lawyer to fight for them is a much bigger burden. They can barely pay for the medical bills brought about by the accident. Getting a lawyer is definitely not an option for them. However, this is the only way for them to get what they deserve. If there is no lawyer fighting for them, they will most likely end up being beaten up by the other person involved in the accident. In short, they need help.

Extending Help to those in Need

Yes, the situation of these people is very unfortunate. Yet, you can do something to help them out. The truth is that there are organizations out there that raise funds in order to help poor people in need. These poor people usually involved in accidents are either driving an old car or are driving for their employers. Thus, when they suffer from injuries, they can’t afford paying for the medical expenses. The government usually provides public lawyers should they decide to bring the case to courts. However, with better lawyers out there, it is impossible to beat the other party.

With your help in funding these organizations, they can now afford to hire the services of experts in car accidents. They can also help a lot of poor people who can’t afford all these legal fees. Just take a look at these organizations and they will surely use your donations wisely. They also hire the best Brampton personal injury lawyer that you can visit here. With their help, justice will be served.

Truth In Advertising: Are Freebies Really Free?

The average consumer is bombarded by various advertising messages on a daily basis. All forms of mass communication these days, whether it is television, radio, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, even outdoor billboards and signs, are full of advertisements and marketing campaigns from agencies and companies selling products and services, or creating awareness on a cause or personality.

One of the popular ways that advertisers get consumers’ attention is through freebies. People like getting free stuff, right? So everywhere you turn these days, there is a free offer for something, from a free side or dessert with your favorite meal, to free minutes with a cellular phone subscription – even free clothing items with the purchase of an insurance policy or home security system!

As consumers, however, we need to be aware that many of the free products or services are not really free. Once we take a closer look, there is something we need to give them in return, so although they don’t necessarily require a monetary purchase, there is still something you are giving them in exchange for the freebie. For instance, offers for free e-book downloads abound on the Internet. All you need to do to get the free e-book is to enter your e-mail address.

If you check your inbox a few days later, and find a bunch of marketing messages you have never seen before, that is because the e-mail address you entered is considered as implicitly agreeing to get these advertising e-mails from the company. While you can unsubscribe from the lists, you might find that it can take a while before those unsolicited e-mails eventually cease, after a few calls emails to Hotmail customer service here. So what exactly did you give in exchange for the free e-Book? Your personal e-mail address, and the chance for advertisers to flood your inbox with their messages.

Free gifts with purchase are very popular, and of course we are well aware that they are not really “free”, but are meant to entice you to go ahead with the purchase. Before being lured into buying, however, keep in mind that you should be making the purchase because of the product itself, and not just to get the free gift with purchase which, more often than not, is just a distraction and not worth all that much either.

Of course, there is also legitimate free stuff you can find, and many are actually quite useful, such as the free phones, often for seniors you may have seen displayed online or in public venues. These free phones for seniors are designed to cater to the wireless communications needs of low-income seniors in eligible areas. In this day and age of wireless connectivity, many disadvantaged seniors may not be able to have affordable access to a mobile phone, and these free phones for seniors are therefore made available through free or subsidized phone services for seniors who meet the requirements.

If you are a senior and want to know if you qualify for the free phone for seniors program, check the eligibility requirements for your state (you must reside in a federal default state) or search for information about the Lifeline program. This just might be one free offer you will find useful for your everyday communication needs.

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