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There Is No Access To The Law For Everyone

Access to justice depends on how much you can afford to pay

Justice for AllOne of the most basic principles of any civilised society is the rule of law. Take away the law and you have anarchy and chaos.

However one of the basic principles of the rule of law is that everyone has equal access to the law. If the law is only available to the rich, and a large proportion of the population are unable to access legal redress, then this makes a mockery of the rule of law.

Unfortunately in this country access to the courts and the law is restricted. Despite the fact that we have a legal aid system the availability of access to the courts for most people is restricted by limited funding.

There’s a new report out on access to legal aid Continue Reading →

The Injustices of Current Interest Rates

Interest rates close to zero are hurting the retired.

sad Way back in 2008 we had a financial crisis. I’m sure you remember it, for a while there was every possibility that the world would descend into recession or possibly even depression. It was a very serious financial catastrophe.

The financial crisis was caused by some of the wealthiest, most powerful and connected people in the world, the people who control the US banks. The US banks, in effect, held the world to ransom for a period of time, and it was only because of the good graces of the taxpayer that they were rescued.

The bottom line is that the principal motivation behind the actions taken by the banks over the preceding decade or so was greed. Some seriously wealthy people were attempting to use every trick in the book to increase financial returns.

It backfired, and it backfired seriously, and plenty of people hurt as a result. Continue Reading →

How Does the Canadian Healthcare System Work?

The health system isn’t perfect, but which health system is now?

healthThe health care system of Canada provides publicly funded health care to (almost) all Canadian citizens. Whilst the Canadian healthcare system is not perfect it is considerably better than some, notably the US health care system. However it could certainly be improved.

The health care system in Canada is known as “Medicare” by residents although this is not the official name. It was set up under the provisions of the Canada Health Act of 1984.

One of the difficulties in launching and maintaining the health care system in Canada is that Canada is made up of provinces, with their own separate governments, as well as a Federal government. Under the Constitution Act of 1867 it was the provinces that were responsible for establishing, maintaining and managing hospitals and other similar institutions. Continue Reading →

Access to Higher Education is a Right not a Privelege

Access to education is an issue of social justice

One of the biggest social justice issues for young people is the cost of education. An education is the basis of a rewarding and lucrative career, but if the young person is unable to pursue an education then that career is unavailable to them.University Library

Everyone should have the same opportunity to pursue a chosen career. No one should be excluded on the basis that they are unable to afford the cost of education.

The cost of education in Canada is rising fast. And one of the biggest issues the students involved in further education is the cost, as well as the debt burden that affects so many students once they have finished their chosen course. Continue Reading →

Document Scanner: Maximizing Your Office Resources to Extend Help to the Least Fortunate

Do you know that with simple changes to be made in your office, you can create a huge difference and be of help to other people? For instance, you can check out a document scanner. This might just be a simple device used to scan documents. In fact, many people don’t really deem this as useful equipment. However, with the help of modern document scanners, drastic changes may happen in the office. This article will prove to you that simple document scanner can boost your company’s resources and how you can make use of these resources to help the poor people.

1. When using document scanners, there will be less occupied spaces in your office. Take note that the documents that you have made use
of over the years can be piled up and eat up a huge space in the office. There will be lots of cabinets that may be needed to accommodate these documents. However, when document scanners are used, the cabinets will no longer be needed. The space where the documents are used to be kept can now be used for other purposes. It may be used as a place where poor but talented dancers or performers may practice for free. It can also be a place where tutorial sessions sponsored by the company may be held. It can also be a storage room where items to be given out as donations will be temporary piled.

2. There will be lesser manpower needed to keep and maintain the documents. In short, the employees can be used to work for other office needs. This will also result to more savings for the company since there is no need to hire additional employees. The money that will be saved by the company may then be used to sponsor programs such as cleanup drive, feeding projects, or building houses for the homeless.

3. Saved documents using the scanner are totally secure. They will be encrypted. Therefore, they are totally safe against hackers and privacy invaders. Compare this to regular documents. You might have to hire someone to secure these documents. Of course, this would mean extra expenses for your company. Now that you have lessened your expenses for document security or lessen the risk for facing legal cases due to privacy issues, you can use your savings to be of help for other people.

See? A simple document scanner may actually be used for better purposes in life. Investing on this equipment won’t cost your company a lot. Maintaining them is also low-cost. However, there could be a long list of benefits and potential savings that your company can get. As long as you will use your savings to be of help to other people, your company will most likely be showered with more blessings in the future. If you need to order a unit for document scanning, you can check out

Unknown Benefits of Liposuction You Need to Know

Many people understand liposuction as a cosmetic surgery done to remove excess fat in the body. For some others, it is just a fancy surgery made by those who are too lazy to exercise. There are also those who are too afraid to take the risks involved in undergoing liposuction. Before you close your doors for liposuction, you have to understand first that any cosmetic surgery comes with certain amounts of risks. The bigger question is, are these risks worth it? For liposuction, you may only know about having smaller waist and weight loss. However, aside from these 2 obvious effects, the process may provide other benefits. 

  1. In a study conducted to test the fat level on the blood of those who have gone for liposuction, it was found out that there is a drastic change. These fat levels are called triglycerides. They were measured to see if liposuction actually affects fat levels. An astonishing 43% reduction was found in just a span of 3 months. Take note that if this substance remains in the blood, that person may be at risk of heart diseases and stroke. 
  2. Liposuction has also made more people limit their food intake. Though this is more of a psychological change, it was proven to be effective. In a different study conducted, those who have tried liposuction felt that they need to also change their eating habits to maintain their figure. Thus, they finally found a reason to let go of the foods that they have held on to for years. 
  3. After doing liposuction, some people had a new found confidence. Of course, this comes with a much better figure after the procedure. Though it seems like an obvious benefit, it still is a big thing. Imagine those who were fat all their lives. Being able to see a drastic change after the procedure has most likely take a huge load off their chest. Hence, they started to feel a lot better about themselves and how they look like. 

Finding the Right Surgeon 

As mentioned earlier, liposuction comes with a great deal of risk. Though the benefits outweigh those risks, it still pays a lot to look for the right person to do the job. Take note that the slightest mistake could possibly put your life in danger. 

The first thing that you need to consider is the number of years in which the surgeon has been practicing. It will surely make you feel confident if you know that your surgeon has already done several procedures in the past with no glitches at all. Another thing that you need to consider is the overall price. Depending on your body type, you might need more than just one liposuction. Of course, you have to spend more for it. Thus, you have to look for a more affordable surgeon of high quality. 

If you want liposuction in Dallas, you can check this out. This clinic provides high quality services at affordable rates. On the other hand, if you wish to go for tummy tuck in South Jersey, you can visit With the right people to help you get through your plan, you will be amazed of the transformation that will happen.

How to Make Use of Your Old Phones to Help Others

When you have finally decided to give up your old phones, do not throw them away. In fact, you can make use of these old phones since they are still valuable. The money that you can get out of selling old phones might still be used for charity purposes. Besides, there are a lot of organizations out there that collect old phones to be used for their programs, especially in helping those who are in need. Here are some of the best ways for you to make use of your old phones.

1. Take note that your phone is made up of precious metals such as copper. Therefore, it can still be recycled. In the US alone, over 20 million phones are recycled per year. Some cellular phone provides create a drop-off bin where you can put these olds phones. The value of the phones collected will then be given to their partner charities. Also, in doing this, you keep old phones out of landfills. You also help the environment in a way.

2. There is an organization called Cell Phones for Soldiers. They provide talk time to troops deployed overseas. They collect old phones and the money that they get out of these old phones will then be used to buy an hour of talk time for each soldier.

3. Another organization called Shelter Alliance provides a drop-off bin where you can place your old phones. They will then sell the phones to recycling centers. Proceeds of the sales will then go to women’s shelter. This provides a place for women who have become victims of violence and abuse.

4. Flipswap is another organization that swaps your old phones for cash. They will either buy your phone or you can use the money to be donated to a charity of your choice. Another program under the same organization will help plant a tree for every phone that they collect.

In short, the phone that you are about to throw away may still go a long way in helping others. Since you are lucky enough to have good financial resources, you can always buy a new one. After donating your old phone, you might choose from the latest models of Samsung phones and buy one here.

Tattoo Removal for the Disadvantaged

Tattoos are very popular at the moment, but there is no doubt that many people regret their decision as they get older. This is because a tattoo can actually be a detriment in finding a job and can even have a negative effect on body image. In these cases tattoo removal is available, but it is a costly procedure and may be out of reach for those with just enough to make it through the week. This is a vicious cycle, especially if the tattoo’s are preventing job opportunities, and this is why we setup a program for sponsoring young people to undergo tattoo removal.

The Program
We started out by attempting to partner with tattoo removal specialists from across the country. One of the first was the Incredible Veins clinic in California and the best thing about this new partnership was the fact that this surgery utilizes a new and improved removal process (you can read more about the picosure tattoo removal at the company website). We ask the clinics to provide a discounted service and we use various fundraising events to come up with the rest of the fee. We then have disadvantaged young people apply for the procedure and a panel discusses the applicants and select which applications are successful.

The Process
At this point the successful applicants have their initial consultation with the tattoo removal specialists. This is to determine whether they are good candidates for removal and whether the medical team believe that they are going to stick with the long course of treatments. After the initial consultation we have an additional interview with the applicants to make sure they are ready and then give final approval. The next step in the process is the actual removal, which is completed through a series of laser treatments. This can be hard on the applicants because it is a long process and can be painful in some cases. You can find out more about this and other types of cosmetic procedures at the cosmetic physicians website.

The Results
We have had about 280 young people complete the program and have a 89% completion rate. The results of the tattoo removal have been outstanding and almost 96% report that they are happy with the end result. Some of the feedback from the program suggests that many of the young people have been successful finding jobs after removing visible tattoos and many have also reported body image improvements. Overall, we have had so much success with the pilot program that we have expanded it to many other areas. We now have over 100 tattoo removal specialists that we partner with and it won’t be long before over 1000 young people have access to the service. We will need to continue our fundraising efforts so that we can keep up with demand. Most of all we want young people to know that a tattoo does not have to hold them back from the job or relationship they want. Providing this service for those who cannot afford it is one of our best achievements.

Good Health Is for the Rich. Well Fish Oil Supplements Are Anyway

Everyone knows that health care is getting more and more expensive. And as it gets more and more expensive it is gradually bringing our government to its knees because of the cost. And it’s not just the government, individuals and families are also being brought to their financial knees because of the cost of health care

One of the single most important factors in personal bankruptcies in our country is debts related to health care. The health care system needs a dramatic overall to make it more affordable for everybody. How this will be achieved, however, I’d have no idea.

Prevention is better than cure

However there is no doubt in my mind that there is one important way of reducing healthcare costs. This won’t reduce the cost of going to a doctor, but it might take away the need for that doctors visit.

It won’t reduce the cost of an operation, but it might remove the need for that operation.

It won’t reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals but it might take away the need for going on drugs.

I’m talking about prevention. Preventing an illness is way cheaper than treating it once you’ve got it.

Preventing an illness may save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consider cancer for example. The cost of treating cancer can be enormous but if you can prevent the cancer happening at all that all of those costs are saved.

But who can afford to prevent illness?

I’m a huge advocate of doing whatever it takes to keep yourself healthy. Not only will it reduce the cost but it will also improve your life dramatically. Stay healthy and you don’t just afford the cost of ill health but you avoid the stress and the pain as well.

So sometime ago I decided to spend time research ways to stay healthier. One I’ve come up with recently is to start taking a fish oil supplement. (These for example).

There is significant evidence, backed up by the American Heart Association, that increasing the amount of fish oil that you take in your diet can help reduce the incidence of all sorts of nasty diseases including heart disease.

When I read the page on the website of the Association recommending that people eat fish I sat up and took notice.

Unfortunately, being reasonably impecunious, I can’t really afford fish. It’s very expensive. So I started researching about fish oil supplements. Those are the capsules you buy containing fish oil.

I was naive enough to think that a fish oil supplement would be a cost-effective way of getting more fish oil in my diet. Unfortunately that turned out to be wrong.

You see it seems that a fish oil supplement isn’t a whole lot cheaper than buying fish. And I think it’s time the government did something about that.

The government should subsidise disease prevention

To me it makes complete sense that instead of throwing money at healthcare the government should seriously look at throwing money at disease prevention. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

And I’ll bet $1 of prevention is worth $10 of cure.

If the government subsidised simple preventative measures like fish oil supplements then we could all afford them and the reduction in health care costs would be more than worth the cost of doing so.

It’s a simple idea. But I bet it will never catch on.

FHA Streamline Refinance: Fight Back Against the Housing Crisis

The housing crisis that swept the country has created an unprecedented mess in many people’s lives. I hate to see people lose their homes and be left without a place to go, so I welcome any approved system to help people out. One such system is a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) streamline refinance. This can help people to reduce the interest rate they are paying on their loans and potentially help them out of a tricky situation. Let’s take a closer look at this type of refinancing.

The benefits
The major benefit is that you can refinance your existing mortgage and get a lower interest rate. A FHA streamline refinance is also available without credit checks, income verification and employment verification. In addition to this, in most cases a streamline refinance is available without an appraisal. This means that it is far more flexible than traditional refinancing options.

Who is eligible?
If you currently have a FHA loan and need to refinance then you may be eligible for a FHA streamline refinance. You also need to have a decent mortgage history, including a perfect 3 month payment history. There is also a waiting period between refinancing. You must also be prepared to take out a mortgage protection insurance policy.

What is the catch?
You cannot apply for a streamline refinance if you simply want to unlock cash to pay bills. You must be able to prove that there is a legitimate purpose, called a Net Tangible Benefit, for refinancing. This may include things such as reducing your mortgage payments and/or mortgage insurance payments and moving to a fixed rate loan from a variable rate ARM.

How can I apply?
You can apply with any FHA approved lender, and it is essential that you ensure that your lender is approved by the FHA. Finding an approved lender isn’t overly difficult and there are many different providers to choose from. You can find out more about how to apply for FHA streamline refinance at

The FHA streamline refinance scheme is a great program that is helping thousands of people get their lives back on track. If you have a FHA loan and are struggling with the repayments it might be time to consider refinancing!

People Want to Buy YouTube Subscribers to Get Their Issues Out

There are many people all around YouTube who are extremely passionate about the many points that they want to discuss and share in this world. There are many people who believe that by going onto YouTube, they are able to get their words out to more people and to get their values to become more interesting and of use to others.

This is particularly the case with regards to the poor parts of society. There are many people around the world who do not have access to many of the luxuries or benefits that people take for granted these days. However, they are often being held back in terms of getting access to certain parts of society. These people are not able to get access to legal services, health care, insurance, housing services and more benefits that advantaged people have. This is often due to a lack of income but sometimes it involves a lack of support from the law with regards to how a person can be treated.

People who care about social justice often go to YouTube to highlight their issues and to show people why it is so important to respond to certain issues. However, they often feel that the challenge of getting onto YouTube can be tough. This is why people often take a look at websites like to get ideas on what to do in order to make their pages more appealing.

More Subscriptions Make it More Appealing

The fact about much of society is that people tend to go with the flow when it comes to what they want to follow. They are more interested in following the values of those who flock together. In particular, a cause that has more followers tends to be taken more seriously than a cause that does not have as many people going along with it.

People often buy YouTube subscribers and are often led to find out more on doing so through sites like because they want to make it easier for their videos to be taken seriously. If a social justice organization has more followers then people may see that a particular organization is going to be more appealing and of use.

Visibility is Key

There is also the need to be more visible on YouTube. An amazing part of YouTube is that the pages that have the most subscribers tend to be the ones that people are more likely to see on many parts of the site’s main page. These include cases where a site is to be listed on the front page for promotional purposes. Sometimes YouTube posts these channels on some promotional pages of the page because it feels that these are the channels that more people are talking about and can easily highlight particular causes of interest.

In addition, people who search for certain topics on YouTube will find that the organizations that have the most subscribers tend to be on the top of a search engine ahead of all else. What this means is that an organization that is devoted to social justice will want to work a little harder to get its videos posted after it has more subscribers. An organization that is able to buy more YouTube subscribers will certainly have the upper hand in terms of what can be gathered.

The need to buy more subscribers on YouTube is important for social justice organizations to take a look at. The need to take a closer look at what one is getting out of subscriptions is important as people who have more followers on YouTube are more likely to be a little more visible, thus making it easier for the word on an organization’s values to actually get out.

How to be Creative in Recycling Shredded Papers to be of Help to Poor People

When there are a lot of documents in the office or at home that need to be thrown away, the best thing to do is to have them shredded. This is way better than throwing the papers into the bin without knowing where they will be dumped. Besides, there are a lot of documents that are too confidential that the only way to dispose them is by shredding. When they are thrown away, there is a possibility of someone being able to see them again.

The best part is that once these papers were shredded, they don’t necessarily have to be thrown away. In fact, they can still be recycled. The process may either help the environment or may provide extra income. The money gained by you or the company from shredded paper recycling may be used to sponsor programs that could be of help to poor people. Yes, the money might not be that big, but with tons of papers shredded on a monthly basis, this could end up as a huge fund by the end of the year. Here are some creative ways to make the most out of shredded papers:

• They can be sold at a local recycling center. There are a lot of places that accept shredded papers as long as you follow the rules on how they have to be shredded. The good thing is that if you are hiring paper shredding experts, they know what to do so that the paper will still be accepted in recycling centers. If you’re having trouble finding an expert, check out the document shredding service here.
• These papers can be used as fertilizers. If you have a garden, you can use these papers to help the plants grow. Better yet, you can start a fertilizer business. With the amount of shredded papers that you have, you will surely have enough fertilizers to be used for the business. This could really turn into a huge income generating project.
• Aside from helping poor people, you can also help animals under the care of animal shelter programs. Some of these centers don’t have enough funds to provide the best for the animals. One of the basic needs is a good place to sleep on. These shredded papers can be used as bedding. They can also be used as a litter box for cats. Dogs also love to sleep in a shredded paper-filled pillow.
• Paper shredding can be used for valuable handicrafts. They can be used as pillow stuffing. They can also be used for art projects. You can try out other ways in which these papers can be turned into something that you can sell at a good amount.

With these ideas at hand, you will definitely get lots of money in the end. If your company does the project, then it will be able to get additional funds. The money gained from these recycling programs can go a long way in helping poor people. Your company may also find other deserving recipients for the project. As long as you hire a reliable shredding company, the shredded papers can be used over and over again.

Why Mexican-Americans are Called “Stupid”

Divided AmericaA land of ethnic diversity, America is filled with minorities like African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Muslims, Filipinos, Chinese, and more. These minorities are often subject to discrimination in many areas of life like education, work, and healthcare.

Hispanics often report cases of discrimination in the workplace. They complain of less access to training programs and advancement opportunities and proper compensation. It is also widely documented that an average Hispanic earns a lot less than an average white, non-Hispanic person. For instance, a Hispanic female earns only 54 cents of every dollar earned by a white female.

But is this discrepancy between the wage of Hispanics and whites caused by discrimination per se? Do employers necessarily give Hispanics low-wage job positions?

Several analyses show that Hispanics earn less than whites primarily because of low levels of human capital characteristics, such as education and English literacy.

Hispanic Education

The percentage of dropout students among Hispanics is very high. In 2012, more than a thousand high school students dropped out of school, a ratio of 1 dropout in every five completers.

In 2011, not more than 30 percent of Hispanic students graduated from high school. Less than 4 percent proceeded to get advanced college degrees.

Although there is an overall increase of educational opportunities for Hispanics, Latino teenagers are still not faring well in their studies. The mathematical and reading skills of Hispanic high school seniors are the same as that of 13-year old white students. Why is this so?

The Suppression of Bilingual Education and Mexican Studies

The American education system highly favors those that can speak English fluently, therefore displacing and discriminating Hispanics who are beginners in the English language. Instead of placing them in more need-responsive classes, they are regarded as “stupid” and illiterate. This has a very huge impact on Hispanic students’ self-esteem.

In response to this, there had been a move for the implementation of bilingual education throughout America. However, it was tagged separatist and un-American so the movement did not go far.

Educators are now pushing for the liberalization of Mexican American Studies. This curriculum will present lessons to Hispanics through their own viewpoint. They will learn history, literature, science, and arts through a Hispanic lens. This way, they will not have to be discriminated in a white education system.


How Binary Options Trading Is Making the Lives of Disadvantaged People A Little Bit Easier

Everyone deserves to have access to basic social services such as food, shelter, healthcare, law, etc. Unfortunately, no society one Earth is able to achieve such a feat. Even in the most developed nations, people still do suffer, and this is because of so many factors. Of course, this does not mean that giving everyone equal access to social services is impossible. I believe the opposite case to be true, and I also believe that it is possible to achieve it in this lifetime. For now, though, people unfortunately still suffer from inequality.

The good news, though, is that there are many ways people can gain access to social services. Sometimes, it really is just a matter of taking advantage of the right things. One of these things happens to be binary options trading. Through binary options trading, so many people from all over the world are now able to afford the best healthcare and education for their families, among other things. The reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about this. Hopefully, by doing so, I end up helping disadvantaged people gain a fair advantage in life.

How exactly does one do binary options trading? To do binary options trading, people just have to buy options for a certain underlying asset and then guess which direction the price of the asset will move in. A correct guess will lead to one earning a fixed amount of profit. No matter how much the price of an asset increases or decreases, a person will end up earning a fixed amount of money that was known to them right before they initiated a successful trade.

Of course, there’s more to binary options trading than what I have mentioned. For one, people need to find a binary options brokerage that actually offers its clients an amazing working relationship. For most people in Canada and the UK, the best binary options brokerages happen to be Banc de Binary Canada and Banc de Binary UK, respectively. There are many reasons why people from both territories think that both brokerages are really amazing. For one, both brokerages are regulated by CySec. For this reason, people can be sure that both brokerages will never work to scam them.

“My name is Adele Bangalter, and I happen to be a Canadian artist. Although being an artist is my main job, I do a lot of binary options trading on the side. This is because as an artist, I don’t earn a lot. If it weren’t for Banc de Binary and binary options trading, I wouldn’t be able to afford healthcare, among other things,” Bangalter told us.

Binary options trading is not the perfect solution to the social inequalities the world is facing, but for the meantime, it is enough to actually get people to have access to so many necessities in life previously out of their reach. We should continue to fight for equality, but at the same time, we should also commend venues such as binary options trading for making the lives of so many people from all over the world so much easier.

Keeping your Wedding Classy on a Budget

Whether you are planning it yourself, or have hired someone in your place, planning a wedding is a huge task and takes a lot of preparation. Now add all of that plus the stress of maintaining a budget and you could find yourself in trouble very quickly. With the average wedding running anywhere from $20-30,000 it is important to maintain a proper budget in order to avoid going bankrupt on your first shared financial investment as a unity.


The Location

Depending on how you plan your budget, this could be the most expensive part of planning your wedding. Rather than picking the first place that you like, shop around for other venues that offer better deals. Or, if you have a friend that owns a large enough property, you might ask them if you can host your wedding at their house. On top of this, try to avoid Saturdays, as these are the most common wedding days so many vendors raise their prices on these days.



This is a huge decision in itself and the bride’s dress alone could cost several thousand dollars. If you have the eye for designer dresses, but not the pocket size, consider checking out designer sample sales, they often provide great discounts. Rather than purchasing the suits for the Groom and grooms men, simply rent them for the day. This will take thousands of dollars off of your budget. Don’t forget about the flower girl’s dress, although you can rent these as well, there are many places you can find them cheap such as


Center Pieces

Although you can simply buy center pieces, you are probably going to spend more on your budget than you initially planned. By buying certain items in bulk and building your own personal center pieces, this also will give your wedding a certain feel of originality.


Keeping wedding costs to a minimum while still maintaining a classy look and feel can be a rather difficult task. However, by shuffling things around and finding discounts where you can, you are sure to be able to keep your wedding within budget.


How the Underprivileged Can Break in to the Medical Career They Deserve

It’s still always a shame to read the unemployment numbers. Or consider the ratio of unemployed people to job vacancies.
What’s worse is most people suffering from unemployment are those who have always been suffering – the underprivileged.
All jobs need employees who are highly qualified, but some demographics simply have more resources to get qualified in the first place.

Work experience can never be replaced. For someone who wants to break in to a medical career, the answer is to find an entry level position that will give you the stepping stone skills for any medical profession. In the quest of looking for professions that would lead to greater employment rate and lower financial input for being qualified for the position, alternative medical practices has surfaced as one of the potential answers. Those individuals who do not have the access or resources to acquire a full term 5 years of medical education can still become respectable and successful medical practitioners by opting a field of alternative medical practice and gaining a recognized and relevant certification. Here are a few benefits of increasing awareness regarding alternative medical practice.

Finding the Perfect Entry Level That ANYONE Can Apply For

ged family can change its social status and financial conditions is by becoming employed in a professional job to build skills. By increasing the awareness of the small yet highly demanded medical professions that are needed in every health providing facility, the underprivileged can change their social class and lifestyle by a steady and reputable source of financial income.

Consider Practicing in Any Medical Environment – Like Alternative Medicine

Alternative medical treatment and therapies have gained popularity due to its natural healing applications without having any side effects. If the fact can be spread out amongst the masses, chances are that those who are in an age where time and energy can be invested in developing useful skills can steer their careers in a direction that has high demand. It would ensure employment at the end of the day, that too in a faculty that would keep growing with opportunities rather than becoming stagnant as the fad diminishes with time.

Find Formal Training Institutes or Classes at Community Colleges

There are many excellent formal training institutes that have emerged in the faculty of alternative medical practices. By its emergence, the production of well qualified and trained alternative medical practitioners has become possible, for instance phlebotomists can now pursue a formal career by attending phlebotomy schools and become professionals, for more on the school information click here. The supply and demand of phlebotomists can be matched by increasing the awareness of this field of study.

Continue Your Education. Always Be a Learner

The alternative medical treatment field promotes its professionals to upgrade skills and talent by attending continuing education programs mostly on the account of the health facility where they are employed. It is an excellent opportunity for growth and career progression, for example read this story to learn how to be a phlebotomist and then explore the possible future growth opportunities in this alternate medical field. Being qualified in a field that requires minimal personal finance and maximum professional growth that too with jobs currently present, can be a great step towards a positive career.

Poverty in the Philippines amidst Pork Barrel Scam

Philippine BoyThe Philippines is one of the countries known for notorious political turmoil. Think about the Martial Law and President Estrada’s impeachment. A lot has happened in the political arena of this Asian country and these sure have a huge impact on the lives of Filipinos.

The most recent controversy is Janet Lim-Napoles’ alleged malversation of public funds. Exposed by her personal assistant Benhur Luy last July 2013, Napoles was detained and went on trial on the charge of stealing the pork barrel funds of Philippine senators. She allegedly stole more than ₱10 billion.

Where does this put the millions of hungry Filipinos?

The Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF is a fund allocated to senators which is supposed to fund projects for the Filipinos. The annual allocation of ₱200 million to every senators and ₱70 million to every member of the House of Representatives are supposed to fund housing, livelihood, education, and financial assistance projects. The benefits of these programs didn’t reach the 4.2 million poor Filipino families.

As a response to the PDAF scandal, the Aquino administration decided to freeze the PDAF of 2013. Was this a smart move?

Although the intention was to hold the PDAF until stricter guidelines were in place, the results were tragic. Thousands of scholars depended on pork barrel funds for their education. Almost 200,000 students lost their scholarship, with no other alternatives offered by the government.

Poor municipalities that relied upon the PDAF for infrastructure and education funds were left hanging. Countless Filipinos were hurt by the suspension of pork barrel funds.

Despite these consequences, social activists are calling for the abolition of PDAF. According to them, creating more rules will not stop the misallocation of pork barrel funds. Corruption and patronage in the Philippine politics are too firmly-rooted and wide-spread to be mitigated by mere rules.

While this premise makes sense, abolishing PDAF will ultimately hurt the Filipinos, whose welfare should be the main priority in the first place.

Some political analysts and activists are calling for alternatives to PDAF allocation. Instead of allotting the pork funds to senators and representatives, they are pushing for the transfer of public funds directly to the implementing agencies.

The Price of Water: The Bolivian Fight for Water and Life

April 2000. Bolivian streets were filled with angry civilians with banners and a lot of words to say. The City of Cochabamba saw for the first time the mass gathering of social activists who simply couldn’t have any more of the water price hikes in their land. Many were injured and some even died from tear gas and rubber bullets showered on the revolting mass. The War on Water began.

One year ago, in 1999, the government of Bolivia sold the country’s water system to the Bechtel Corporation. Privatizing the country’s water was World Bank’s sole condition for the renewal of $600 million USD debt relief. The city officials of Cochabamba then sold the municipal water company SEMAPA to the Bechtel-controlled Aguas del Tunari. From $12, monthly water rates hiked to $25, a 35 to 50 percent increase. Families were earning a monthly average of $100. How were they going to pay for water?

Fast Track to 2014. How is the state of water availability in Bolivia?

The residual effect of the Water Wars can still be felt today. Since the internationally-known social unrest in 2000, Bolivian politics underwent massive changes. Then President Hugo Banzer was replaced by President Evo Morales in 2006, one of the leaders of the 2000 uprising. The Bechtel Corporation was pressured by the international community to lower its prices and eventually revoke its contract. In 2009, President Morales banned water privatization and declared it a human rights violation under the new Bolivian Constitution.

The water is now free.

But the people of Bolivia are yet to see an era of complete water freedom. Water scarcity is spread throughout the nation and this causes serious poor sanitation problems. As of 2012, only 71 percent of rural area residents have access to clean and safe water. The Morales administration is currently facing a daunting challenge of fair and efficient water distribution to the land.

The right to water, therefore the right to life, is supposed to be inherently granted, no questions asked, no wars needed. When capitalists start to grab hold of natural resources like water, then we know that they are not stopping until they squeeze the last drop of coins they can, often at the cost of countless human lives.

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